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Kebechem is a thermoplastic piping systems supplier for several projects of concrete pools, splash pads, fountains and water parks. Pipes, fittings, instrumentation; you will find everything you need through our range of products.


Our company is working with contractors specialized in water treatment and provide a complete range of piping at the best price for their water treatment systems, whether for municipal installations or for manufacturers of original equipment (OEM).


People working in agriculture can count on Kebechem. We distribute piping for irrigation of golf courses and soccer fields. In addition, people in the field of maple syrup production also trust our products.


Kebechem offers complete solutions for the high purity needs of hospitals and laboratories. Many contractors get their supplies from us for projects in renowned institutions.


Large industrial facilities must be very vigilant in transporting their chemicals. Kebechem has the piping required for corrosive liquids processing systems that ensures safe and efficient transport. Whether for mining, pulp and paper mills or other fields, we have just what you need for your project, and at competitive prices.